Catriona Gray Do The Makeup She Wore To Win Miss Universe

In the world of pageants, there’s no such thing as a no-makeup look. Glamour is the go-to for the women who compete for the crown, and no one understands that better than Catriona Gray, the newly minted Miss Universe. Originally from Cairns in Queensland, Australia, the 25-year-old beauty who represented the Philippines at the annual event made headlines for her “lava walk” and presence onstage at Bangkok’s Impact Arena. Gray’s grace may have seemed effortless, but it took skill to make it to the top at what was only her second international competition. “At my first pageant, I was a deer in headlights,” she admitted during a trip to the Vogue offices. “It was all such a fresh experience. I started off as a model, so I [had to] learn the difference between those two worlds.” Committed to winning, Gray knew that round two would require a whole new outlook. “Once I had that experience, I prepared more,” she said. “I came back with a different kind of hunger and a whole new purpose.”


'I thought you were still in Canada': Catriona gets heartwarming surprise from parents

When she boarded her flight back home to the Philippines, little did Catriona Gray know that her parents had a similar idea.

The Miss Universe winner, in fact, admitted that she thought that they were still in Canada, especially since her mother had just messaged her and wished her luck for her show this Sunday evening.

But here they were, in person, in front of her.

Gray was nearly brought to tears when it was revealed to her that her parents had been waiting for their cue to come up to the stage.

It was an emotional start to her homecoming concert, dubbed "Raise Your Flag for Catriona Gray," which also featured several tributes to her, including one from the kids at the charity she worked with.

Asked for her message to her mom and dad, Gray said: "The reason I am who I am today is because of these two people."

"Ever since nung bata pa ako, no matter what I wanted to do, pursue, or my dreams are, they always said, 'We will support you. Will you always be…

Catriona Gray in Dubai: Born to be a Miss Universe

It was always written in the stars for reigning Miss Universe Catriona Gray. From her first ever beauty contest as a five-year-old at a Little Miss Philippines pageant in Sydney to when she was only 13 when her mother had a dream that she would one day become Miss Universe wearing a red dress, it seems it was always meant to be. But the journey to her eventual crowning as Miss Universe 2018 in December last year, wearing a red dress no less, has been one of steely determination, and a lot of sacrifices.

Born in Queensland, Australia, to a Scottish father and Filipina mother, Gray is the fourth beauty queen from the Philippines to be crowned Miss Universe. She’s also the first beauty queen from the Philippines to represent the country at both the Miss World and Miss Universe pageants — she was crowned Miss World Philippines in 2016 and finished in the Top 5 in the international pageant. Not one to give up, she enlisted for Binibining Pilipinas, the organisation that sends the Philippi…

Catriona Gray returns as Miss Universe in New York Fashion Week

Catriona Gray is thrilled to be back on the New York Fashion Week runway, this time around as the Miss Universe 2018.

The 25-year-old beauty queen took her excitement to Instagram and asked her 4.5 million fan base what beauty look or trend should she try next.

“So excited for NYFW!!! Especially since I can have fun with fashion and beauty looks…speaking of which, what beauty look/trend do you guys think I should try over the next few days?” Catriona said.

Catriona once graced the NYFW on September last year, months before the Miss Universe pageant, and walked for American fashion designer Sherri Hill.

Miss Universe Catriona Gray’s advice to young girls: ‘You will find people who will believe in you’

One balmy afternoon somewhat at the tail end of the polar vortex, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray came to the Philippine Consulate for a meet-and-greet with the Filipino community.

“Hello po, magandang hapon” she greeted everyone, this tall beauty with the grace of royalty. She was wearing white pencil pants matched with Filipiniana top, ruffled and embroidered. She was – if words could adequately describe — resplendent, beautiful, charming and charismatic. Consul General Claro Cristobal introduced her as a “woman of very many talents.”

focused on the players’ achievements but how they contributed back to their community. So, I came out of that event feeling very inspired.

What is your typical day in New York?
CG: It really depends. Now I’m going into New York Fashion Week, so it can consist of fittings, shows, going to events or meetings or even packing to go somewhere else. Being a Miss Universe you do have to be flexible and be on your feet 24/7.

For little girls growing up in su…

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray On Winning The Title & Chasing Her Dreams


In one of your Pageant questions, you said “I will dedicate my voice and essence to carry that torch and to set charitable causes alight, such as my personal advocacy, the Paraiso Bright Beginnings Project.” Tell us more about these charitable projects that you are involved with?


I work mainly around supporting access to education. For the last three years I’ve worked with Young Focus, a NGO in Manila, Philippines that works to give children access to quality education as a means to break the cycle of poverty. I also work with several HIV/AIDS organizations in both the Philippines and abroad (Love Yourself PH, amfAR, Apicha, Gay Men’s Health Crisis, Latino Commission on AIDS and more) to help spread awareness and education on the virus, encourage others to get tested and break the stigma often associated with testing.


Your advice and motivational words to the inspiring and budding fashion models who all are your fans and look up to you?


Miss Universe Catriona Gray Encourages Global HIV Testing With Public HIV Test

New York, New York – June 26, 2018 – Miss Universe, Catriona Gray, received a public HIV test at New York City’s Apicha Community Health Center (CHC) to encourage others to get tested and know their status. Ending the stigma associated with testing is critical to ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic as an estimated 9.4 million of the 36.9 million people living with HIV worldwide do not know they are infected. In the United States around 1.1. million people have HIV, and one in seven of them do not know they have it.

Gray was tested using an INSTI® HIV-1/HIV-2 Rapid Antibody Test that used a finger prick to collect the sample. As reigning Miss Universe, Gray has been a public advocate and supporter of HIV testing and linkage to care. Prior to undergoing the test, Gray vocalized her support for testing. “[HIV testing] is not a judgement, it’s just an act of looking after yourself. I don’t want people to live their life in fear and be defined by something like this.”

At the event Apicha CHC’s C…

Latino Commission On AIDS Names Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray Madrina "Godmother"

The Latino Commission on AIDS proudly kicked-off its countdown to the 2019 annual Cielo Gala today at a media reception hosted at the Bryant Hotel where Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray was inducted as the newest Madrina of the organization.

"We need partners to Design a World without AIDS. We seek partners to share their passion and commitment to promote education and erase stigma around HIV and AIDS in our communities," said Guillermo Chacon, President of the Latino Commission on AIDS. "We welcome Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray as Madrinaof the Latino Commission on AIDS. We will work together to achieve a world without AIDS."

"I am humbled and honored to be named a Madrina of the Latino Commission on AIDS," said Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray. "Since 2006, the Miss Universe Organization has stood side by side with the Latino Commission to promote awareness, prevention, testing and access to care campaigns that reach Hispanic/Latinx audiences h…

Miss Universe Catriona Gray In NYC

This past weekend all three titleholders spent their first weekend together in New York City.

Miss Universe Catriona Gray, Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers and Miss Teen USA Hailey Colborn visited the famous Rockefeller Plaza and the legendary dessert restaurant, Serendipity 3.

Between all the laughter and frozen hot chocolate, their first weekend spent together was definitely ‘sweet’.

Catriona Gray Proves That Women Should Never Apologize For Passion And Ambition

Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray is a Filipina and a woman of the world. Born to a Bicolana mother and a Scottish father who immigrated to Australia, she never fails to acknowledge her roots.

“I always say that Australia was my childhood, but the Philippines was me as a young woman,” she shares as her makeup artist fusses over her for a day-long shoot. “I grew up in a cohesion of two worlds.”

In between meetings, courtesy calls, and advocacy campaigns, Catriona’s schedule is full of hours in front of the camera; an environment she is quite familiar with as a model. She easily works through different poses in clothes that are sometimes too large or too small for her, and while her skill doesn’t come as a surprise, watching a true professional at work—especially one who has just been hailed Miss Universe—is always an awe-inspiring experience.

"I was very sheltered, but also a self-aware individual, so I knew I had to grow."

Yet the glamour that comes with the crown is not somethi…

This Is Why Catriona Gray Is More Than Just The Crown

Even in a world ravaged by skepticism, one cannot discount the fact that the ascendancy of prophecy is very much in play in the affairs of the modern world. No, this isn’t your saturated astrology analogy nor is it an exaltation of Nostradamus and his spine-chilling predictions from the 16th century. It will be an almost exhaustive exercise to detail how fate weaves its assigned destinies to us mere mortals, much like how the ancient Greeks have believed the Moirai to do so, but nothing is more clear-cut of this literature than the unraveling of the life of one Miss Catriona Gray.

“I never dreamed of being a beauty queen. But it’s hard to justify when it’s like, ‘Well, when you were five, you were in Little Miss Philippines, right?’ Blame my mom for that. My mom and my dad are just the proudest parents, and I’m very blessed to have supportive parents,” she reveals in her Build Series interview during her much-talked about media week blitz since her assumption of her role as Miss Univ…

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