Miss Universe Guatemala Gets Ready For Miss Universe

Virginia Arqueta is Miss Universe Guatemala 2017 and she is having a very exciting year. The 24 year old External Relations student was just in Los Angeles where she walked for designer Willfredo Geraldo at the Arts Hearts Fashion event as part of Fashion Week in Los Angeles.

Originially growing up with aspiration to become a model, she tried out for a local Miss Universe Guatemala Competition, and made it past the preliminary round. Telling the Huffington Post, “I never imagined I’d win the beauty pageant I entered, let alone go all the way to Miss Universe! The last two years have been a thrilling and humbling experience,” she says.

Telling the Huffington Post about her time training for the show, Arqueta says "Even if you don’t feel it, you have to project it! It was so helpful for me to have that training. I figured, if I was going to enter, I was going there with the intention to win and I wanted to be as prepared as possible.”

With balancing school and planning to get a Master's Degree, Arqueta says she is excited to compete at the Miss Universe Competition and says, “I want to be an example for the good values of my country and demonstrate to the world that Guatemala is a progressive and developing nation. I also hope to raise money for a Foundation so other girls with limited resources can learn the techniques I did and have careers in modeling or beauty that may give them access to some of the opportunities I have had.”

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