Valeria Piazza Named WWF Climate Change Ambassador

They will contribute their talent and fame to promote, raise funds and provide their support as leaders of opinion in the work of raising awareness of climate action.

Christian Meier, Valeria Piazza, Palmiro Ocampo, Gloria María Solari.

Just 15 days before the arrival of a new edition of Earth Hour, WWF-Peru officially presented its first four Ambassadors to fight against climate change. These are the Miss Universe Peru 2016, Valeria Piazza; The chef and gastronomic director of Mistura, Palmiro Ocampo; The actress and theatrical producer, Gloria María Solari and the renowned actor Christian Meier.

The Ambassadors are direct representatives of WWF-Peru, supporting it in its mission to stop the degradation of the environment on our planet and build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

They will contribute with their great talent and recognized fame to carry out tasks of promotion, fundraising and to offer their support like leaders of opinion in the works of awareness of the climatic action.

"Today, WWF is one of the largest environmental organizations in the world and it is a great honor for us to count on you as Ambassadors, for all that you have achieved in your careers and also for the relevance of your voices. We are sure that with your support we will be able to further expand WWF's message, "said Patricia Leon-Melgar.

"At present, WWF is one of the leaders of the event. The meeting was also attended by Environment Minister Elsa Galarza; The European Union's ambassador, Irene Horejs; The director of the CC Plan, Lupe Guinand and the mayor of Miraflores City, Jorge Muñoz.

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