Leila Lopes Enters Angolan Market

Leila Lopes commences Social Project to benefit the Angolan Population

Former Miss Universe Leila Lopes today announced she will be bringing a number of first necessity products to the Angolan Market. Under her own brand The Leila Lopes Companies she will manufacture high quality first necessity products starting from nappies and feminine hygiene products. It will be linked to a distribution network that will enable national coverage of the goods in the local market.

“Leila is thrilled to commence the retail of her own product” and says she cant wait to give the Angolan population the chance to buy a high quality products at a great price compared to what is offered currently in the market. In addition Leila will donate 50% of profit of it sales that will then be re-invested into Leila’s own foundation, that is aimed at developing the less fortunate in bringing food, assisting in health and education.

Leila is concerned about Angola’s future generation and wants to not just be a role model for what she has achieved in the past by putting Angola on the global map but to serve as a pioneer in changing and giving back to her people which has supported her so much over the years. The company aims to attract a large segment of the market not only for its quality and because of Leila but as a way that each can contribute back to the community through the foundation.

Leila believes that providing quality necessity products to the Angolan public at a affordable price will not only assist but benefit the nation and give all the same opportunity to have and support a national movement in giving back to the community. Leila has such belief in what she is doing that this project is self-financed.

The first products that will be launched are nappies called “Anjos” meaning Angels and feminine pads “Livre” meaning free will be available in supermarkets nationally as of the first week in may.

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