Confidence 101

The Miss Universe Organization’s official tag line is Confidently Beautiful.  What does that mean?  Maybe, Beautifully Confident is a better fit...the bottom line is there is nothing more beautiful than a woman or girl who is confident and happy with whom she is as a person.  And that’s our goal to deliver as a company.  There are lots of tools I have picked up along the way.  Confidence develops on many levels from both inside and outside forces.  The first step is confronting the inner voice.  So here are a couple of tips from the GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD portion of the Confidence Building 101.

Once you realize almost EVERYONE suffers from some form of The Imposter Syndrome…you are on the road to recovery.

Ever had the fear that everyone else has their act together except for you and you live with a fear of being “found out” as a fraud.  This happens for adults and adolescents alike. In the workplace, it can be a fear of speaking up because you don’t want to sound foolish (and how mad are you at yourself when someone else asks the exact same question and receives accolades for asking such a good question?); in high school it can mean you think everyone is so “cool” while you are just a major geek. It was so nice to go back to my high school reunion many years later and learn that the “coolest” kids felt the exact same way.

So feeling insecure and alone? Just remember you are in really good company.The only thing to Fear is Fear Itself. Always challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone.

The number one reason for not trying something is FEAR OF FAILURE. We (and studies have shown women in particular), will not try something for fear of failing.  We listen to the story playing over and over in our head…”I’m not talented enough”, “I’m not smart enough”, “I’m not tall enough,” so much so that we don’t even try.  And guess what?  By not trying, you have already failed.  So what are you afraid of?   You don’t have to compete in a pageant but for those who do, it is an exercise in embracing your inner ninja.  There is nothing comfortable about getting up on that stage. But everyone who does, comes off that runway high-fiving and excited.  You may think you are watching a runway competition, but really you are watching a young woman feeling more and more empowered, with every step she takes.

If you want to know more, one book which I found immensely helpful, and is required reading for all of our state titleholders, is The Confidence Code by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman. The book shares a lot of great information which you probably already knew but just didn’t know you knew it. Written by:  Paula M. Shugart

With more than 30 years of experience in the television industry, Paula M. Shugart has been a driving force in entertainment television production for domestic and international audiences. As president of the Miss Universe Organization (MUO), and producer of the MISS UNIVERSE®, MISS USA®, and MISS TEEN USA® Competitions, Paula oversees all business transactions and is responsible for the production of the live, worldwide telecasts each year. She is also a mentor and role model to the company’s three titleholders as they travel the globe as spokeswomen for several charitable alliances on behalf of MUO. Paula is also a member of the Women's Leadership Board at Harvard University - John F. Kennedy School of Government.

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