6 Fun Facts About Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

Miss Universe 2017 is Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters from South Africa! Demi-Leigh recently earned her degree in Business Management at North West University after making history at her high school for holding two leadership positions. She says her biggest motivation comes from her half-sister who has a disability.

In her spare time, Demi-Leigh is passionate about a program she helped develop to train women in self-defense in various situations. She plans to share these workshops and help as many women as she can. Check out six fun facts to know about her below!

1. She has broad taste when it comes to music. Demi-Leigh says, "I'm a big fan of Adele, Beyoncé, Enya and Taylor Swift. I also appreciate good classical symphonies. Classical music, especially Beethoven, enhanced my concentration while studying maths in high school."

2. She loves to travel! According to Demi-Leigh, "There's something magical about traveling. I have been to all nine provinces of my country. I've visited two neighboring countries as well as six other countries abroad. I put in an effort to visit at least one South African town/city, that I haven't been to before, every month. To travel is to expand one's vision and outlook on life."

3. Three years ago, she decided to start collecting vintage jewelry from each country that she visits. She says, "The jewelry pieces remind me of where I've been and express and show off the culture of the country from where it comes."

4. She enjoys running and recently took up playing golf. She said, "Running gets my blood pumping and it's the best therapy for a long day. I particularly enjoy road races and trial runs."

5. In high school, she loved acting. She says, "I enjoyed the thrill of portraying a completely different character and being able to be who or whatever the role demanded of me, just for a while."

6. She also likes to write. According to Demi-Leigh, "Writing is my me-time. It's my time for reflecting on my week and capturing all my beautiful memories in black and white. One of my essays even got published in high school."

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