MUO President Awarded Lifetime Achievement Award

Congratulations to the Miss Universe Organization President, Paula Shugart, on winning the Lifetime Achievement Award at The Global Beauty Awards.

"The Global Beauty Awards aims to bring awareness to the pageant community and highlight the excellence of those involved. Exterior beauty has often been the focal point, but those involved can tell you first hand that pageantry is one of the greatest experiences for building confidence, speaking abilities, and learning how to properly network in professional settings. Pageant participants have become extremely successful as entrepreneurs in business, medicine, engineering, sports, television, movies, entertainment and so much more."

Many of our titleholders' have achieved their goals after their reign as Public Speakers, Influencers, Philanthropists, Models, Actresses, and so on.

The Lifetime Achievement Award honors someone who brings value to peers, business and/or professional industries globally. The honoree promotes and gives back to the pageant community.

We congratulate MUO President, Paula Shugart, on her dedication, hard work, and passion that she brings to the pageant community on a global level.

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