Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters: What’s In My Gym Bag

The reigning Miss Universe, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, takes her fitness regimen very seriously. “I like to run in the park, take Rumble boxing classes and do training sessions as the gym,” the 23-year-old South African model and beauty queen tells Us. “I used to be a hockey player and have done cross-country running since middle school — being active is something that’s just in me and something I love doing to stay fit and healthy.”

She’s not kidding! Nel-Peters, who now lives in New York City and is dating Tim Tebow, typically works out six days a week. “My week usually goes Monday, a leg workout in the gym; Tuesday, cardio — running in the park; Wednesday, abs and arms; Thursday, I work in some type of cardio, usually a boxing class; Friday, I do a full body workout at the gym; Saturday, a run in the park and Sunday rest!”

Nel-Peters — who will pass on her title at the next Miss Universe competition in Bangkok, Thailand (airing Sunday, December 16 at 7 p.m. ET on Fox) — opens up her gym bag for Us.

Gym Wear Essentials
“I really like high-waisted workout leggings and a good supportive sports bra — usually all in black, sometimes a cute matching set, but usually all in black.”

Sneaking Around
“I have Adidas UltraBoost trainers in white. I love the white, but they’re so hard to keep clean! [At least] it always matches.”

Traveling Circus
“I carry an elastic band, especially if I’m traveling. I use the band to lie on my side and do some leg lifts. Then I step on it and do some bicep curls, shoulder presses, some back exercises and side arm raises. I also use the band to do donkey kicks, jump squats, normal squats and then drag walks. And I have a jump rope that I keep if I want some extra cardio.”

Post-Sweat Replenishments
“I like things that are low in sugar and natural. In the mornings before a workout, I cut up an apple and grab a Justin’s peanut butter packet — they’re great because they’re single-use and easy to grab and go. After a workout, I’ll do a half cup of black coffee from Starbucks. I like to carry a protein bar too. And I really like this brand called Life, their Hydrate powder.”

Supplementing Her Health
“I do a multivitamin for women, and I take an omega-3. I’ll have those in a little bag sometimes. I also carry some peppermints with turmeric that help with digestion.”

Extra Nuts
“I carry a bag of cashews because I’ve recently developed an allergy to almonds, which is so sad because I love them! [Besides snacking on them], I use the cashews in my workout shake: I take raw cacao powder, coconut like, Life protein, some nuts and blend those together. If I have a sweet tooth that day, I’ll add in some dark chocolate — 90 percent or higher. I put that in a blender and take the cup with me.”

About Face
“I never wear makeup when I’m working out. I feel like it clogs my pores. I have a Muca face wash, but I usually keep it at my house. I run home after the gym to wash my face!”

Keeping It Locked Up
“I’m big on scrunchies. I’m so glad they made a comeback, I think they’re so cute! I have a few black ones — everything I wear is black. I also have a few hair ties that don’t have the silver ring on them, so they don’t pull out my hair.”

Avoiding Hairy Situations
“I have Chi Silk Infusion that I use after a workout to tame down fly-aways. I just put it on my hair and it works like a hair mask. If I have any left on my hands, I use it as a cuticle oil, I love it! I also have a Chi Escape Cordless Curling Iron that I carry with me. It charges at home and can last for two hours. So if I have something important after, I can give my hair the serum and a quick touch up — it’s saved me many, many times.”

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