Miss Universe Vietnam H’hen Nie Speaks At 2019 Youth Conference

Miss Vietnam 2018 H’hen Nie continues to shine with her recent visit to the Philippines. Nie visited Naga City as the guest of honor in the 2019 Francis Padua Papica Foundation Inc. Youth Conference this past weekend, where she spoke to a crowd of 12,000 students all over the Bicol region. Nie delivered an inspiring speech, sharing her humble beginnings and her journey that led her to the Miss Universe stage. Nie’s message to the students centered on always reaching for your dreams; do not be deterred by atypical beginnings, but rather inspired.

After the event, Nie expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to be part of the Youth Congress on her official Instagram account. “Without part of my past, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I believe in the miracle of life, that if you truly believe, life will not give up on you,” Nie wrote. “Many people call me the Cinderella of Vietnam, but Cinderella has a fairy godmother to help her, while I created this miracle for myself.”

The beauty queen belongs to the Ede or Rade tribe, a minority group in Vietnam that takes up five percent of the population.

When she competed in Miss Universe 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand last December, she was introduced as the “26-year-old Finance major (who) served as a nanny, serving food and cleaning houses to go to college” as she sashayed on the runway wearing a yellow gown and receiving loud cheers from the audience.

To support herself and help her family, she also worked as a tutor and leaflet distributor.

She ended up in the pageant’s Top 5 finalists. Miss Philippines Catriona Gray won the contest.

Miss Universe Vietnam’s coach and trainer is Anjo Santos from Bicol.

In her Instagram post, H’hen Nie  thanked the Filipinos for their warm welcome and dished out nuggets of wisdom for her followers.

She wrote: “Believe in yourself, always make the efforts, think positively, you would definitely achieve your dreams.”

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