About Unbreakable

Demi-Leigh is a survivor of a violent carjacking that took place in early 2017. The experience empowered her to create the Unbreakable campaign where she partners with self-defense experts and other educators who train women how to handle life-threatening situations, including sexual harassment, assault, and abusive relationships.

Prior to the carjacking, Demi-Leigh, fortunately, had an opportunity to take a course – woman InPowered – that focused on how to mentally and physically react and handle these types of difficulties.  Now, Demi-Leigh’s message focuses on key points for mental and emotional preparedness when reacting quickly in any unwanted situation.

Unbreakable is a cause that speaks to woman all over the world. After becoming Miss Universe, Demi realized that woman worldwide face the same challenges and forms of violence every day. Now as Miss Universe, in addition to South Africa, Demi has brought her campaign and inspiring message to international communities throughout Mexico, Indonesia and Ecuador.

“If we as women take hands and stand together, we can be Unbreakable.”

- Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters-

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